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MetCon KETO-RX Intra-Training

  • Trigger instant ketosis
  • Burn fat as fuel
  • Increase your power output
  • Replaces carbs intra-training

MetCon® Keto RX is the first All Natural Intra supplement that triggers your body into instant Ketosis at the same time fueling the Ketones with MCT oil!

The days and old thought process of having to fuel your workouts with Carbs is over. The latest clinical studies show a significant increase in performance and muscle output replacing Carbs with BHB Salts and Fat! Healthy Fats from MCT are a much better and more efficient fuel source for your body to produce more output.

MetCon® Keto-RX triggers your body to switch its primary fuel source from carbs/glycogen to Fat for energy. MetCon® Keto-RX delivers BHB Salts and MCT oil in the optimal clinical dose to drastically increase output during your workouts by utilizing a much more efficient energy source.

Like all MetCon® Supplements, MetCon® Keto-RX is All Natural, with NO Artificial Flavors, Colors or Sweeteners. It has a natural Strawberry flavor and is naturally sweetened with Stevia, Paleo Friendly, Gluten Free, Made in the USA and is 100% GMP Certified.

Suggested use: Mix 1 full scoop of MetCon® Keto-RX with 24oz of water during training and competition. On training days, drink Keto RX through your workout. On non-training days, drink first thing in the morning.

Due to potency, new users may wish to assess tolerance by consuming only 1/2 scoop.

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